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I came to Pilates in an unconventional way. Like for many of my colleagues,  Pilates is not my first profession, not even the second  - but it seems to be my calling. Having spent some 20 years in the City of London, commuting, unreasonable demands on my time and distorted work / life balance took their toll and made me look for an alternative career, one that I could be more in control of.


I first stumbled across Pilates in 1997, when after a particularly stressful time in my life, my back simply "went". Pilates was still in its infancy in the UK, but I was lucky that the physiotherapist who I saw for my back heard about it and recommended to give it a try.


I was a convert from the first lesson. What an inspiration! The back heeled soon enough, I regained the full movement and was able to carry on with other forms of exercise, even high impact like running, without worry that my back may "go" again.


I decided to train as a teacher in 2001 and I haven't looked back since. My initial training was with Body Control Pilates, known for its rigorous approach to teacher training. I am a member of Body Control Pilates Association whose members are required to work to a strict Code of Practice governing teaching standards, professional ethics and continuing education.


Since my initial training I have upgraded my qualifications to include:

  • Body Control Pilates (BCP) Basic and Intermediate Mat Certification
  • BCP Reformer Intermediate and Advanced certification
  • Comprehensive Studio Certification
  • Level 4 Advanced Exercise Instructor (Back Care)
  • Back4Good Certification
  • Polestar Rehabilitation Certification
  • Therapeutic Pilates Certification
  • Level 3 - Exercise for Older Adults Certification

For the past nineteen years now, I have been working as an independent Pilates teacher. I enjoy every minute of it and I can already look back on many happy hours when I was able to help my clients reach the goals they had set for themselves and in particular when they get in control of debilitating back or neck aches.


Contact me:


Lidia Webb

Pilates SW19


07789 435 875





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