Pilates, named after its founder Joseph Pilates is a dynamic set of exercises designed to improve posture, core strength, flexibility and joint mobility.


It has been dubbed "Intelligent Exercise" as - in the words of Joseph Pilates, it "begins with mind control over muscles". It works by initiating the movement deep in the body and concentrates on strengthening the deep core muscles. These muscles stabilise the torso ensuring that any gains in strength and flexibility are safe and in alignment. Special breathing patterns can be incorporated into the exercises to produce the most efficient movement that is in tune with our body. Exercises are performed in slow, controlled manner and the emphasis is not on quantity but quality of the movement.


Because of the gentle and precise way in which exercises are performed, Pilates is recommended by many health professionals as the ideal exercise to develop strength after illness or injury, and to combat the stresses and strains caused by poor working conditions or bad postural habits.


What can Pilates achieve for you?

  • a healthier, more flexible and stronger body
  • better muscles balance
  • a leaner and more toned body
  • better posture
  • better ranger of movement in many joints
  • improved breathing technique
  • stronger bone density
  • greater concentration skills
  • improved co-ordination and body awareness
  • reduced back pain

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