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“Thank you, Lidia, for your care and guidance over the years.  I am sad to move but will always remember your lessons. At your suggestion I have contacted Alan Herdman studio, which is close to my new home and already had an assessment there. They were very impressed by my knowledge of Pilates, but then I learnt from the best! "
--Darren O.

“I first came to see Lidia in 2005. I sufferred then with a prolonged episode of lower back pain, which I guess at my age - I am 82 - is not to be unexpected. Lidia guided me through gentle exercise and although, sadly, my lower back pain hasn't disappeared altogether, I feel stronger, fitter and always happier for doing my weekly Pilates session with Lidia. Lidia is very knowledgeable and very professional, and although I now attend goup classes, she always rememebrs who suffers from what ailment etc, which in our group of 12 geriatrics, is a real achievement! Thank you for all your kindness, Lidia.“
--Liz N, OBE

Although I live in SW10, I have studied Pilates with Lidia for ten years now.  There are plenty of other Pilates studios near me and I often curse the hour plus journey to my lessons, but I believe it to be impossible to find another such inspirational teacher.  Lidia is professional, kind, considerate, aware of both the failings and attributes of each of her many students; she is a superb mentor who obtains impressive results, is always encouraging, never derogatory and once you have been taught by her, you will never wish to move to another teacher.  I thoroughly recommend her.

--Vanessa Chambers

“I love my classes with Lidia! She knows how we feel each week and adjusts them accordingly. Her classes are never boring, each week we have a new class, some are more challenging than others, but each session leaves me feeling great. I think everybody should be doing Pilates, it is such a great discipline."
--Tracy G.

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