Individual Tuition

Private tuition is for people who want lessons specifically designed for their needs and their bodies. Private - individual or duet sessions -  are held in my studio where we utilize the standard Pilates equipment such as Reformer, Wunda or Exo chairs, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Spine Correctors / Arcs.


Private tuition is particularly beneficial for:

  • Injury and post-operation rehabilitation
  • Athletes - injury prevention
  • Pregnancy and post-natal
  • Management and prevention of low back pain
  • Targetting specific needs
  • People new to Pilates.

Back 4 Good Lessons


Back4Good sessions are recommended for those who have suffered with single or recurring episodes of low back pain and who may have have been referred to Pilates by their doctor or another practitioner.


More than 80% of population suffer from low back pain at some point of their lives. In the past your first (and often last) point of call would be an osteopath, a chiropractor or a doctor - all of whom would treat the symptoms and stop pain. However, they are all likely to treat your condition passively: put you in alignment, manipulate you or simply prescribe you some medication.  


Recent guidelines from the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommend that right exercise taught by properly trained teachers, should play a key role in the treatment and management of lower back pain.


Your Back4Good sessions will deliver a gentle, balanced and measurable programme focused on strengthening the core abdominals and improving the quality of your movement, thus keeping your spine flexible and strong. 


To achieve meaningful results a block of minimum of 5 sessions is recommended.


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Lidia Webb

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07789 435 875



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